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Discreet, one-on-one training is what sets MMC apart in the field of executive coaching. Rob personally develops a plan specific to each client's needs, schedule and goals.

  • Private consultation in a location most convenient for the client
  • Setting a baseline
  • Crisis management: immediate internal and external response
  • Ongoing assistance as needs arise: via phone, Skype or in person

Private consultations include assistance in crafting the story and mastering the presentation for greatest audience retention.




As an experienced television producer, Rob teaches specific techniques, tools, and strategies that sought after speakers and performers need to deliver a message that is designed to engage and intrigue audiences.

  • Creating an executive presence
  • One-on-One performance training
  • Developing a conversational delivery
  • Applying the art of storytelling
  • Camera and TelePrompTer training
  • How to handle the media
  • Transforming complex ideas into simple nuggets
  • On-site rehearsal training


High-level business executives understand that communicating an effective message, plan or strategy involves performance.

MMC clients emerge with:

  • Well-crafted, well-rehearsed speeches that convey an authentic voice and move audiences to action
  • A polished and professional executive presentation
  • Invaluable top notch media skills

Clients receive a digital copy of each training session

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